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Joy & Friendly

Thank you for coming sleping Nikko Inali (Nikkosan BackPackers Inn.) !!

Our hostel is Japanese traditional handmade accommodaitions in Nikko.

Located between the World heritage and Nikko Station and 9min walk from Sta.

"Joy & Friendly"

Nikko is relaxed area because time flows slowly and is quiet.

Please relax and enjoy your valuable stay.  



As you know, in Nikko, there are world heritage and national park.

We help you to make a plan for your nice trip in Nikko and Japan as much as possible.

Make a day or 2 day, 3day plan, we adjust your plan in Nikko.


We are waiting profoundly for your coming in Edo period heritage and great Japnese 4 seasons nature.



                                                                                       SLEPING. NIKKO INARI

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